GDPR 2018

The GDPR 2018 comes into force on 25 May 2018 which will change how you and your company collect, store and share how companies and individuals collect, store and share data.

An example is the storage of data for children below 16 years.  From 25 May 2018, parental consent will be required for the storage of information relating to children.

Following the events of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, data protection has become paramount to most companies worldwide.  Today, data collection and storage is a commonplace activity for the majority of companies.  Data usage substantially affects a company’s top line. GDPR is a step towards redefining the boundaries where collected data is used and which will carry severe fines for companies failing to comply with the new rules.
GDPR 2018 will strengthen data protection not only across the EU, but also for the non-EU as the regulation will apply to those companies processing personal data of EU citizens.
General Data Protection Regulation will impact directly on small business owners who may be afraid about:
– ensuring there are processes in place for obtaining consents as they will be allowed to process only that data where consent has been obtained, including the data from partners;
– having adopted appropriate safeguards mentioned no fewer than 36 times in the legislation.
GDPR 2018 need not daunting, if you and your company are prepared – Plan early and act now!


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