gdpr compliance checklist

Our GDPR Compliance Checklist will assess if you are GDPR compliant.
Do you comply with GDPR requirements?

Use our GDPR Compliance Checklist to assess your data security and your safety.

Risk assessment helps to understand where to draw the line.
Business owners are afraid that they may be making mistakes in their preparation for GDPR and will be penalized.
There are a lot of questions about how exactly the process should look. How to prove that business owners have carried out the necessary steps. It is difficult for business owners to understand all information and relate it to their own business models.  Issues with seeking explicit agreement for data processing are common.  
What do you do with databases and emails lists which have developed over the years?
An example is a company which has built up a database over many years. Some people on the database are loyal wishing to remain on the mailing list, but do not wish to click an opt in to re-consent.  Therefore, the company will have to start its process all over again.
There are some similar, significant, problems and it is often the case that legitimate businesses with loyal customers wishing to be kept informed will need to stop communicating after re-consenting.
Multiple companies’ representatives still struggle to understand the GDPR rules and their impact. They argue that it is difficult to become GDPR compliant when leading compliance projects on their own and, when a compliance project fails, it will invariably lead to a negative impact on the business.
Use our Data Protection Act Compliance Checklist to help you and your business to stay safe.



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