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Further to the GDPR fines, the GDPR will also empower individuals with the right to seek damages from misappropriation and misuse of their data, which includes not-for-profit bodies being able to bring representative action on behalf of individuals and thus paving the way for claims against widescale infringements.

Being on the wrong side of the GDPR is going to be a scary place indeed, but as it turns out, millions of businesses around the globe simply aren’t prepared.  As of 6 months ago, 89% of companies in the UK were still confused about what the GDPR is and what it means to them. In the US, a third of businesses had stated they didn’t feel ready, and in Germany, only 2% of companies declared that they would be GDPR compliant by the time May 25th rolls around.

Small to medium-sized businesses with limited tech-savvy resources may suffer the most, but they do have options. While unfamiliarity with the subtler points of a GDPR audit can make compliance a problematic chore, a GDPR compliance consultant intimately familiar with the rules and regulations can create a GDPR audit that will have your online operation falling into line with the minimum of fuss, and little to no downtime. have the experience and knowledge needed to guide your business into GDPR compliance fast and effortlessly, while also being incredibly affordable. Make It Compliant believe that all companies should have access to the best data protection advisory service to reduce noncompliance issues and prevent data breach risks.

They know the ins and outs of the GDPR and have brought many businesses into compliance, including clients in the UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary. They have also worked with professionals in all manner of industries, from healthcare to financial services to IT.

The staff at are experts in their relative fields, with each having at least ten years’ experience in their industry, and they have all come together to collectively put their skills towards making GDPR compliance fast, efficient, and affordable.

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